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The Rorsky Plays Free The Short List (Theater) Closing (Theater and Galleries)

When: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Sundays. Continues through July 1 2012

And not just the plays—you get Rorsky, too. On opening night, Rory Jobst (aka Rorsky) gave a little curtain speech, recited three poems he'd written, and then sat with the audience through both of his one-acts, laughing uproariously at pretty much everything that happened. He more or less promised to be on hand for future performances, so take that into account. The plays themselves have their charm, but it's a very cluttered sort of charm. So cluttered that in order to enjoy them you have to imagine what they might be like in their perfect, platonic state. Platonically speaking, Daniel Day-Lewis and the Big Potatas is a cracked romance about Day-Lewis and the eccentric fan who pulls him out of his artistic shell. Samuel Beckett, Andre the Giant, and the Crickets involves an absurd (yet based-on-fact) showdown between Beckett's cerebral genius and the famous wrestler's overwhelming physicality. As the fan and Andre respectively, Sara Greenfield and Christopher Marcum supply glimpses of the ideal. —Tony Adler