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The Sandlot

A comedy set in 1962, about a new boy in town (Tom Guiry) who joins a baseball team. The team's leader (Mike Vitar) becomes a legend after facing down a “beast” that lurks in a yard behind left field. The grown-ups in this picture include Karen Allen and James Earl Jones; David Mickey Evans directed this 1993 feature from a script he coauthored with Robert Gunter.



  • Tom Guiry
  • Mike Vitar
  • Patrick Renna
  • Chauncey Leopardi
  • Karen Allen
  • Marty York
  • Daniel Zacapa
  • Brandon Adams
  • James Earl Jones
  • Grant Gelt
  • Shane Obedzinski
  • Denis Leary
  • Art La Fleur
  • Cleve Hall
  • Arliss Howard
  • Shari Rhodes
  • Dennis Williams
  • Victor di Mattia
  • Herb Muller
  • Garret Pearson
  • Keith Campbell
  • Wil Horneff
  • Maury Wills
  • Bob Apisa
  • Robbie T. Robinson
  • Chuck Fick
  • Marley Shelton

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