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The Story of Joseph King


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Competitive Awesome--Aaron Gingrich and Mychal Utecht, the latest duo to crawl from the primordial ooze of this city's sketch-and-improv academies--hits the stage with a fair degree of momentum, sporting endorsements from Eddie Izzard and Tim Kazurinsky in an ongoing local-media blitz. There's no denying their accomplishment as writers and performers; the sketches are clever and well crafted, and no joke is too brief or lingers too long. But however excellent the execution, less than fresh riffs on Bush-Cheney ("How 'bout--Puer-to Ree-co?!" "We already own that, sir"), Tom Brokaw, and Winnie-the-honey-junkie amount to shooting fish in a barrel. That said, these two shoot the fuck out of those fish, and the next day I found myself quoting lines as readily as if it were The Simpsons or Chappelle's Show. Nothing new, but still fairly awesome. Through 4/22: Fri midnight. $6. ImprovOlympic, 3541 N. Clark, 773-880-0199.

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