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The Strangers: Prey at Night

Grimly efficient sequel to the 2008 shocker The Strangers, in which a young couple staying in a remote summer home are terrorized by a trio of silent, masked assailants. This time around a married couple (Christina Hendricks, Martin Henderson) and their antagonistic teenagers (Bailee Madison, Lewis Pullman) arrive at a lakeside retreat and check into their jumbo trailer only to be stalked by the same mute killers, who have a Mansonesque vibe and like to leave bloody handprints on the wall. Screenwriter Ben Ketai and director Johannes Roberts get to the scary stuff right away and barely relent, with multiple stabbings and vehicular assaults (also aural: the killers like to listen to bad 80s pop on their car stereo as they attack). The whole thing is over in an hour and a quarter, a wise move on the filmmakers' part given how heavily they lean on that old standby of a shallow-focus shot showing frightened human prey in the foreground and menacing shapes moving dimly behind them.



  • Johannes Roberts


  • Christina Hendricks
  • Martin Henderson
  • Bailee Madison
  • Lewis Pullman
  • Damian Maffei
  • Emma Bellomy
  • Lea Enslin
  • Leah Roberts


  • James Harris
  • Wayne Godfrey
  • Mark Lane
  • Robert Jones
  • Ryan Kavanaugh
  • Trevor Macy
  • Bryan Bertino
  • David Dinerstein
  • Jason Resnick
  • William Sadleir
  • Alex Walton
  • Alastair Burlingham
  • Charlie Dombek
  • Ken Halsband
  • Brett Dahl
  • Jon Wagner

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