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In Shakespeare's comedy, deposed duke/magician Prospero conjures up a storm to bring his betrayers to the deserted island where he's living with his daughter and a troll-like servant. The real squall, however, is brewing within Prospero himself as he aims to settle the score. But in this First Folio Shakespeare Festival outdoor staging, we rarely see the necessary torrent of rage and anguish from Aaron H. Alpern's rather staid Prospero. The visual spectacle, so ripe with possibilities, also falls short: though costume designer Vicky Strei's twinkling, flowing turquoise, chartreuse, and gold fabrics certainly suggest magic, what's needed is more innovative lighting or more surprise appearances from the spritely ensemble to elevate this Tempest beyond teapot proportions. Through 7/30: Wed-Sun 8:15 PM, Peabody Estate at Mayslake, 1717 W. 31st St. (31st St. west of Rte. 83), Oak Brook, 630-986-8067, $20-$25.

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