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The Trenchberg Incident

When: Wednesdays. Continues through May 27 2009

The enthusiastic creator-performers of this high-concept sketch show interact with a series of black-and-white cardboard cutouts that recall The Triplets of Belleville by way of Calvin and Hobbes. Accompanied on drums by deadpan Kevin Brown, Michael Levine, Alex Robins, Brett Schneider, and Matt Weir act out a cold war-esque scenario about a town in an arms race with "Eastern Minnesota," its enemy on the other side of a wall. A lot of the jokes don't land the way they're supposed to, partially because the script needs sharpening. But it's impossible not to be charmed by the exuberance of the performers and the discipline they bring to creating an aesthetic style. There's also a priceless running gag about Elizabeth Gilbert's annoyingly ubiquitous book Eat, Pray, Love. With a bit more polish, this show could have legs. --Leon Hilton

Price: $10


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