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The Triplets of Belleville

Just when Jeffrey Katzenberg had loudly declared the death of 2-D animation, along came this sly, inventively drawn cartoon (2003) that blew the cumbrous studio leviathans out of the water. Sylvain Chomet's grotesque, hilariously imaginative flights of fancy soar unencumbered by overshading or celebrity voice-over, and his gallery of eccentrics is unforgettable: the semiautistic bicyclist whose calves are larger than his head, his indefatigable Portuguese grandmother, and their aging, overweight dog, whose dreams and nightmares propel the action. There are also zoot-suited villains, black-garbed malevolent twin packs, and the title characters, a desiccated trio of elderly vaudeville tunesters whose clever use of household appliances as musical instruments is matched by their culinary resourcefulness in maintaining an all-frog diet. PG-13, 82 min.


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