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The Trojan War, or How One Bad Apple Spoiled the World Closing (Theater and Galleries) The Short List (Theater)

When: Mondays, Sundays. Continues through Aug. 29 2011

Who caused the Trojan War? The traditional answer, of course, is Helen, by leaving her husband and running off with Paris. But shouldn't Paris share the blame? And what about the gods, with their meddling in mortal affairs? Jessica Puller tackles these questions in her new play, set in a kind of limbo where Helen, Paris, and the goddesses Aphrodite and Eris--deities of love and discord, respectively--endlessly rehash the conflict, accusing one another. Their reenactments at first take the form of fractured fairy tales, full of groaners and anachronistic references, then sober up as the body count rises. The later scenes poignantly convey moral chaos. But they don't jibe with the first half's inept comedy, despite the efforts of Inconceivable Theatre's lively cast. --Zac Thompson

Price: $10-$12


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