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The Trouble With Young Republicans


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To the editor:

I enjoyed Christopher Hayes's piece on Northwestern University's most visible undergraduate Republican ["Birth of a Pundit," March 4]. I was especially intrigued by the one word on a poster in his room: courage. It led me to want to ask this question of him. Has a single college Republican from Northwestern who supported the war in Iraq volunteered to go fight and perhaps be killed in it?

In Aristophanes' play The Birds a popular wartime leader reassures a young earnest bird who fearfully asks which birds will actually have to fight with these words:

Oh not you. You were made for higher things.

But what about the bantam roosters? These cocks

Were raised in a barnyard. Bred to work, eat, die

And be eaten. They hardly know there is a sky above.

No one has taught them to spread their wings.

Their pay? We'll extol them as patriots for volunteering.

Hurt McDermott

Old Town

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