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The TV Set

People in television have such deep reserves of bile toward the industry that when they get a chance to release it, the floodgates burst. Such is the case in this heavy satire by Jake Kasdan, a veteran of two offbeat series that were swiftly and undeservedly canceled (Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared). David Duchovny stars as a writer who fumes and fusses as his seriocomic pilot about a man dealing with his brother's suicide is poked and prodded by clueless network suits into a stupidly broad piece of crap; playing his boss, Sigourney Weaver channels Faye Dunaway in Network, dispensing air kisses and saying things like, “Suicide is depressing to, like, 82 percent of everybody.” Various news stories have noted the movie's accuracy, which I don't doubt, but the blanket antipathy makes for a wearying and predictable story. R, 89 min.

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