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The Twilight of the Golds

The worst tropes of the television issue movie overwhelm this 1996 made-for-TV story—a movie demonstrating mainly that TV may be able to contain obvious conventions that are only exaggerated by the big screen. Faye Dunaway and Garry Marshall are parents unable to come to terms with the fact that their son (Brendan Fraser) is gay, but they're thrilled when his sister (Jennifer Beals) announces that she's pregnant. Beals's husband is a geneticist, who has mixed feelings when his boss suggests he apply the technology he's researching to their unborn child. The movie's mission to use the debate about the origins of sexuality to make points about homophobia—without really examininig either—is futile, foiled by ludicrous symbolic coincidences (which the otherwise perceptive characters fail to notice). Some raw emotion comes through because the family conflicts are so universal, but Ross Marks directs with far too little awareness of the contrivances in Jonathan Tolins and Seth Bass's screenplay based on Tolins's play. 93 min.

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