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The Way We Get By


Aron Gaudet directed this loosely structured tribute to his mother, Joan, an empty nester who’s found new purpose as a volunteer cheering on U.S. troops at the airport in Bangor, Maine, as they return from or depart for Iraq. For three years the director followed her and two other seniors—a loner with a heart condition and a cancer-stricken World War II veteran—as they queued up at all hours and seasons to greet thousands of soldiers. The contrast between elderly citizens hanging onto life and young servicemen putting theirs on the line is striking, though the only soldier with substantial screen time is the filmmaker's sister, a Blackhawk helicopter pilot about to be deployed. A slice of Americana, this portrait of aging activists is loving bur doesn’t probe too deeply. 85 min.

Film Credits

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Director: Aron Gaudet

Writer: Aron Gaudet

Producer: Gita Pullapilly

Cast: Joan Gaudet, William Knight and Gerald Mundy

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