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The Well Digger's Daughter

Actor Daniel Auteuil (Cache, My Favorite Season) debuts as director with this remake of Marcel Pagnol's 1940 melodrama about a rural laborer trying to find a husband for his 18-year-old daughter. The young woman (Astrid Berges-Frisbey) fancies the charismatic son (Nicolas Duvauchelle) of a wealthy businessman; her father (Auteuil) prefers his trusty yet nebbishy apprentice (Kad Merad). Auteuil's direction is a lot like his acting—well-mannered and likable, yet staid and ultimately inconsequential. French critic Andre Bazin argued that U.S. filmgoers who embraced the original movie did so because they admired France itself; in the same way, modern American viewers may enjoy the remake for the way it evokes Pagnol's authentic World War I-era milieu. In French with subtitles.



  • Daniel Auteuil


  • Daniel Auteuil
  • Kad Merad
  • Sabine Azéma
  • Jean-Pierre Darroussin
  • Nicolas Duvauchelle
  • Astrid Bergès-Frisbey
  • Marie-Anne Chazel
  • Emilie Cazenave
  • Coline Bosso
  • Chloé Malarde
  • Brune Coustellier
  • Ilona Porte


  • Alain Sarde

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