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The Wild Pear Tree

Sinan (Dogu Demirkol) is a recent college graduate who returns at the beginning of the film to his hometown in the northwest Turkish province of Çanakkale. He's written a book of essays that he describes as a personal memoir in the form of a regional study; while back home, he hopes to find a publisher or raise the funds to print the book himself. Director Nuri Bilge Ceylan (who wrote the script with his wife, Ebru Ceylan, and Akin Aksu) doesn't reveal Sinan's ambitions until maybe a half hour into Wild Pear Tree. Before this he introduces the character primarily in terms of his relationship with his father. Sinan's dad, Idris (Murat Cemcir), is a once-respected schoolteacher who's squandered most of the family's money betting on horse races. The first interaction in the film finds a store owner cornering Sinan and asking him when his father will repay a four-month-old loan. Based on this encounter, which ends with Sinan speaking dismissively of his father, one might expect Idris to be desperate and impulsive; however, the first surprise of Wild Pear Tree is that, when Sinan enters the family domicile, his father is revealed to be a genial, good-humored man who treats everyone around him with affection. CONTINUE READING


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