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The Wolfpack

Documentary maker Crystal Moselle ventures inside the claustrophobic Lower East Side apartment of the Angulo family, whose seven children were homeschooled and essentially imprisoned for years. "A lot of the socialization is not positive in school," their mother points out, though the family's alternative was hardly an improvement; her six boys grew up patterning their behavior on what they saw in Hollywood movies, and in fact Moselle first caught sight of them when they were parading down the street dressed as the hoods from Reservoir Dogs. Ominous tones on the soundtrack encourage us to believe the children suffered some sort of abuse at the hands of their father, though no hard evidence of this is ever presented. Jordan Hoffman of the Guardian has compared the movie to Grey Gardens (1975), another documentary about a cloistered family, and it invites the same sort of voyeurism. No one is more fun to stare at than someone who won't stare back.


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