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There Goes Another Monument


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To the editors:

Yes, clearly, the "friendly music" fellow will ruin what remains of WFMT [June 22]. However, when seamless segues elide airline ads with Pachelbel's Canon, and the 1812 Overture slips painlessly into singing liposuction jingles, I won't notice. I've already changed the dial.

When Pope Jim Bakker tells the world how much he enjoys working with Senior Spiritual Consultant John Paul II, the secular world will have an analogue to WFMT's overthrow of Norm Pellegrini by a slippery media character who won't answer straight questions. Fie upon them!

The old WFMT has been my family's radio station for three generations. We thought it just about infallible. Another cultural monument has fallen to make way for shopping centers.

Brian Campbell

N. Kenmore

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