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There's More Where That Came From

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I was saddened, and perhaps I could say insulted, to see the cartoon on 9/21 [The City by Derf] making fun of the protesters at the former Marshall Field's store on State Street on September 9. I will never understand the people who suggest that the protesters should drop this and spend their time arguing about the war or abortion or breast cancer or something.

Unless these critics are nuns or monks who spend every waking moment in prayer or serving the poor, chances are they go to sporting events, take vacations, and have hobbies. Is going to a Cubs game as important as abortion or breast cancer? Could the money you spent on a trip to Hawaii have helped starving people? Am I right to assume that because you've done these things you don't care about social issues? No, of course not.

FDR was able to collect stamps, vacation in Georgia, and run the country through the Depression and World War II. I think people can handle being meaningful, concerned advocates for a better society and object to what Macy's has done to Marshall Field's.

Michael Trenteseau


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