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When: Fri., Feb. 27, 10 p.m. 2009

For a Brooklyn no-wave act, These Are Powers sure put together some exquisite sounds. Their new album, All Aboard Future (Dead Oceans), is about the most vivid and sensual cacophony you’re likely to hear this year—they’re the only noise-rock band I can think of that’s not embarrassed to ply the fathoms-deep waters of hip-hop studio production. Though their debut seven-inch, “Silver Lung,” was a panicked blast of minimalist pounding and amp squall that sounded dusty and burnt, since then they’ve replaced drummer Ted McGrath with part-time Chicagoan Bill Salas, aka beat maker Brenmar, who augments his stand-up kit with percussion loops, electronic triggers, samples, and effects. The resulting evolution of the group’s industrial-primitive sound has actually made it more harrowing, even as it’s somewhat less toothy and raw. The first track on All Aboard Future, “Easy Answers,” contains more competing textures than some whole records—50s sci-fi burbles, prismatic peals of digitized fuzz, clattering rhythms like a crowd of assembly-line robot arms. Remember this album come summer, when you’re cruising around with the bass kickin’—that way you can at least annoy any hotties you can’t pick up. Bird Names open; Gatekeeper and DJs Hunter Hussar and Alex Valentine play a dance party after the show. —J. Niimi

Price: $10

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