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When: Thursdays-Saturdays. Continues through March 31 2012

This absurdist satire by Austrian provocateur Peter Handke first appeared in 1973, making it rather old in rhetorical years—which are kind of like dog years except that they fold in on themselves at a certain point, so that a political farce written during the Vietnam-war era can seem ancient compared to one from, say, the Great Depression. Liver spots here include women's roles that burlesque dated (though hardly defunct) paradigms and Handke's naive expectation that capitalists will go extinct, killed off by their own, lumbering imperatives. Still, the play is queasily current where it counts, offering a vision of corporate collusion and betrayal that pretty well summarizes the last decade. Max Truax directs a hilarious production, at once brilliantly nuanced and completely wild. The entire cast is sharp, but Holly Thomas shows exceptional comic style as a mogul's wife, and Kasey Foster and Antonio Brunetti distinguish themselves with their physical work as a female industrialist and a would-be corporate watchdog, respectively. —Tony Adler

Price: $20-$25


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