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Thin Man, Prichard, the Hildegard Knef, Shot of Therapy Recommended Soundboard Image

When: Thu., Dec. 22, 9 p.m. 2011

This brand-new quartet has roots that go deep—the band's guitarist and front woman, Karen Gollrad, first made waves with Blamaday, an engaging late-90s Chicago group that made its mark before Web documentation became ubiquitous and is thus a little hard to learn about these days. For the Hildegard Knef, she's reunited with Blamaday bassist X-tine Garcia (also of Grimble Grumble, the Titmice, and Prichard); the band also includes Garcia's partner Josh Hudson (Adequate Brothers, the Thin Man) and drummer Sara Tea, recently arrived from Los Angeles. Gollrad writes songs that are hooky, tight, droll, and biting ("My Mother Never Liked You" is a fabulously memorable kiss-off number), and at the band's live debut at the Hideout in November, she and her coconspirators played them with the kind of giddy joy that seems to be the hallmark of female punk. Here's hoping they do their version of the Vaselines' "Monsterpussy" again—maybe then it'll finally leave my head. —Monica Kendrick The Thin Man headlines; Prichard, the Hildegard Knef, and Shot of Therapy open.

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