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Every week I pick up a copy of the Chicago Reader and I peruse through the movie reviews. Every week I read these poorly written, biased, negative reviews by your so-called critics and wonder if they have a personal vendetta against the films, their stars, their producers, or life in general. Now I understand that in order for one to be a movie reviewer, one must remain objective and open to what is presented before them. It is quite obvious that your reviewers do not know what either of those words mean. I can no longer sit back in silence while your reviewers bash movies--it's amazing that anyone would want to go see a movie after reading some of the reviews that you print.

The person who reviewed the movie Grease was neither objective nor open. The review was cruel and completely bashed a wonderful movie that was very popular during my childhood. It really irritates me that people have the audacity to sit there and completely rip on something as simple as a movie. The Grease review was not a review, it was more along the lines of an open firing on a group of innocent people. It was rude and completely ignorant.

Shame on you, Grease movie reviewer--it is one thing to give what is called constructive criticism, but it is another to totally rip something apart, which is what you did!

Shelly Kassner


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