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This week's Culture Vultures recommend . . .

Patsy Cline cover band Weepin' Willows,, Destruction Myth

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Ever Mainard, Chicago Underground Comedy comedian, is captivated by:


Destruction Myth You know how in your group of friends there's always the zeitgeisty one with the impressive coffee table? Mine's named Melody Kamali and this collection of poems has been on her coffee table for almost two years now, surviving many rearrangements. I finally ran out of ways to comment on the cover art (it really is interesting!) and asked to borrow it. I read it all in one night. Mathias Svalina, a Chicago native, ironically opens Destruction Myth with a series of absurd creation myths. In the first one, the universe is created when Larry Bird retires to his basement to build tiny watches. In another, the universe came out of a tuba that just wanted to play polka music. This imaginative series of poems, all titled "Creation Myth," leads up to 13-part destruction myth. I don't want to give out any spoilers but just know that in the end, there will be taffy, "a knotted strand of bleach-blonde hair," and an episode of Cheers.

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