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The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist, the Roger Brown Study Collection, and Major League Soccer



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Tom Dunmore, soccer writer and cofounder of XI Quarterly magazine is keeping score for:

Major League Soccer It used to be the case that watching Major League Soccer marked one out as an odd obsessive. Like microbrews, though, more and more Americans have begun to appreciate its distinct flavor alongside (or even instead of) the mass market appeal of the NFL or Budweiser. Now, one can attend an MLS game in most cities and experience an organic fervor in the crowd consisting of flags, chants, flares, and fierce tribal loyalty rarely felt at competing major sporting events, where the loudest cheer often comes for the Big Mac giveaway. As an Englishman, I was wary of what Americans might do to "soccer" when I moved to Chicago; now, I obsess over tuning in to every game I can on MLS Live, attend every Chicago Fire game at Toyota Park, and even venture across the country in support. A few sips, and MLS fandom can easily become intoxicating.

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