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Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train

At the dazzling beginning of this film we're thrown together with an oddly assorted group of mourners taking the train from Paris to attend the funeral of an artist friend in Limoges, and we're forced to figure out the complicated relationships for ourselves from bits and pieces of information. Director Patrice Chereau, a renowned director of theater and opera as well as films, doesn't waste any time on exposition as he explores love and death in this Altman-esque nonromp. Several of France's best actors strut their stuff for a couple of hours. Vincent Perez, who appears to have grown a couple of pretty little breasts for his glamorous role as a chick with a dick, is a standout; Jean-Louis Trintignant is opaque in a dual role as the deceased artist and his twin brother, a businessman. Alas, all is not explained, and you may feel vaguely dissatisfied.

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