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Three Beats: Cellist Tomeka Reid steps out with Hear in Now

Plus: Super Minotaur hit the ground running with their first LP, and Lord Mantis outdo their vile debut with Pervertor

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Super Minotaur
  • Super Minotaur

PUNK | Leor Galil

Super Minotaur fuel the sunny, fuzzy surf-pop songs on their debut full-length, Dead Dino, with the speed and adrenaline of hardcore punk. Going fast is something the Chicago-based trio is good at—the album is only their second recording, but it comes hard on the heels of their first, a demo cut in December.

Guitarist-vocalist Shane Gettig and drummer Adam Shead played in a band called Livid Kids as high schoolers in South Bend, Indiana, so this isn't their first rodeo together. After graduating last summer, Shead came to Columbia College to study jazz percussion. Gettig didn't leave Indiana, and until recently he was unemployed. "All I did was hang out with my girlfriend, smoke weed with the friends that stayed back, and write songs," he says.

One of those songs was "Phantom Brat," recorded in October, which became the first Super Minotaur tune—the lead track on their three-song demo. Gettig and Shead recorded the others in South Bend during Columbia's winter break, but Gettig is in Chicago so often that the group ended up making Dead Dino here—with Gettig's best friend, Leni Juric, aboard as their bassist, they cut it in a day at a Columbia practice space in late January. The album is the first release for a local label called Cold Slice Cassettes, and Super Minotaur will play a show to celebrate it at the Empty Bottle on Tue 3/20.

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