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Three Beats: An Experimental Garage Sale at ESS, Mosh for Cancer at Reggie's, and a makeover at the Abbey Pub

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A bazaar of bizarre electronics at ESS

On Saturday from noon till 6 PM, Experimental Sound Studio in Ravenswood hosts its fourth annual Experimental Garage Sale.

  • Alex Inglizian
Despite its name, it's not an "everything must go" clearance for unwanted junk but rather a craft fair for DIY electronics tinkerers and fans of DIY electronics tinkering, with a dozen vendors selling "circuit bent devices, un-bent toys, electronic parts, kits, experimental instruments, contact microphones, guitar pedals, art, and more."

Unatronics offers a handheld optical theremin called the Beep-It and a simple sequencer called the Seeq-It, among other devices; Cordinated makes colorful yarn-wrapped audio cables. Tim Kaiser from Duluth, Minnesota, builds electronic instruments that double as art objects, including electric kalimbas and a "Chime Box" of repurposed wood, whose five "jingle mechanisms" each have their own volume control. The folks from GetLoFi in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, sell components, customized instuments, and circuit-bending kits and also maintain a blog with "tips and resources for beginners and pros." The sale includes a raffle for prizes donated by the vendors, and all proceeds from raffle tickets go to ESS.

On Sunday afternoon ESS launches a monthly series of five circuit-bending workshops taught by Patrick McCarthy of the duo Roth Mobot, who are among the vendors at the sale; classes are $40 each ($35 for students and ESS members), $160 for all five. —Peter Margasak

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