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Three Beats: Local MC Vic Spencer goes in on Odd Future; Jeanine O'Toole leaves the Hideout; My Silence borrows Sharon Van Etten

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HIP-HOP | Vic Spencer goes in on Odd Future

Advance copies of Tyler, the Creator's Goblin were hard to come by, and his label, XL Recordings, managed to keep it from leaking until just days before its release date—but it seems like every music critic alive wrote about Tyler and Odd Future before the album hit shelves, irresistibly drawn to OF's polarizing combination of excellent music and repulsive lyrics. As far as actually rapping over a beat from Goblin before it hit shelves, though, local MC Vic Spencer is surely among a very few.

Spencer, a member of Naledge-led collective the Brainiac Society, says he's been listening to Tyler and Odd Future since 2008's Odd Future Tape. Like many OF fans, he downloaded Goblin when it leaked May 5; he released "Asshole" as a free download the next day. Lifting another rapper's backing track is a time-­honored mix-tape tradition, but it rarely happens so fast. Spencer insists he's not trying to piggyback on Odd Future's hype: "I always like to rap over weird beats," he says. And it is indeed a weird beat, from the outro to "Tron Cat": dinky drum machine run through a flanger, wobbly synth, and little else. His performance, lighter and more nimble than Tyler's, suits it fine.

"Asshole" is among the songs Spencer is considering for a 30-track mix tape called Vic Greenthumbs that he plans to release on September 23, his 30th birthday. In case Tyler or his label are curious, Spencer says, he did buy Goblin on CD once it came out. —Miles Raymer

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