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Three Identical Strangers

In this age of identity, when so many people are obsessed with their ethnic, racial, religious, or sexual selves, Tim Wardle's documentary Three Identical Strangers hits like a thunderbolt. Wardle tells the incredible true story of three 19-year-old men in New York, all adopted as children and complete strangers to each other, who discovered that they were triplets and had been separated at birth by a prominent Jewish adoption agency. When their story broke in 1980, the young men—Bobby Shafran, Eddy Galland, and David Kellman—became a media sensation, appearing on numerous TV talk shows and, inevitably, opening a restaurant together. Divided by class and upbringing, yet remarkably similar in their tastes and proclivities, the brothers were like a case study in heredity versus environment. Continue reading>>



  • Tim Wardle


  • Becky Read
  • Dimitri Doganis
  • Amy Entelis
  • Courtney Sexton
  • Sara Ramsden
  • Adam Hawkins
  • Tom Barry

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