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Tiny Furniture

This indie debut feature by New York filmmaker Lena Dunham is a tolerably warm bath of postcollegiate self-pity, salted with irony and self-mockery. Dunham plays the comic hero, Aura, a tubby young woman who has graduated from college in Ohio (Dunham attended Oberlin) and moved back in with her artist mother and thin, status-ridden sister (played by Dunham's mother, Laurie Simmons, and sister, Grace Dunham) in the mother's Tribeca loft (Simmons supplied her own for the shoot). Alex Karpovsky plays a fellow video artist—"kind of big deal on YouTube"—whom Aura pursues with sad-sack devotion, and his habitual bedtime reading of Woody Allen's Without Feathers tells you all you need to know about the movie's romantic sensibility. Dunham definitely has a knack for shaping a comic scene, but Aura is so culturally and financially privileged that her woes begin to seem as trivial as the miniatures her mother uses in her artwork.



  • Lena Dunham


  • Lena Dunham
  • Laurie Simmons
  • Grace Dunham
  • Rachel Howe
  • Merritt Wever
  • Amy Seimetz
  • Alex Karpovsky
  • Jemima Kirke
  • David Call
  • Sarah Flicker
  • Isen Hunter


  • Kyle Martin
  • Alicia van Couvering

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