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Titanic Town

After an IRA bullet kills a friend, a mother of four in suburban Belfast in 1972 takes action. Her experiences are paralleled in this largely unsentimental drama with those of her oldest daughter, who's beginning a romantic relationship, though the comparison is less effective than the scenes in which mother and daughter confront each other with their perceptions of each other's behavior. The flashbacks and moody music used in depicting the daughter's problematic romance contrast sharply with the spareness and near comedy of some of the scenes showing the mundane violence her mother is trying to stop. Instead of distinguishing an adolescent point of view from an adult one, the wavering style and tone fragment the movie, undermining both characters' development, though each retains her power as a symbol. Roger Michell directed a screenplay by Anne Devlin based on a novel by Mary Costello (both writers lived in west Belfast in the 70s); with Julie Walters and Nuala O'Neill. 102 min.


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