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Hours: Lunch, dinner:every night till 11

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New BYO Mexican restaurant.

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Tucked within a slender, three-window storefront on Broadway just north of Montrose, Tolotzin is the kind of Mexican place you walk into and immediately know good things are to follow. Bright yellow walls, shiny lacquered tables, and dark chairs whose backs sprout impressive ornamental woodwork give a sense of the effort put in. It’s BYO, offering chimichangas, enchiladas, and tacos, among others, for lunch. Dinners, affordable, and with an array to choose from—combinations plates, hearty caldos, an entire page of shrimp specials—hold their own. Meats were superb across the board. One combination included a perfect taco al pastor—diced, crunchy pineapple-flavored pork; a chicken flauta on the same plate was less impressive but still generously filled with moist chicken. A beef tostada, aside from a plentiful, crispy steak, yielded a single most delicious bite: the crunchy, oily, flavor-soaked tortilla. An asado tampiqueña featured juicy skirt steak, with two whole spring onions on top, while the asado de puerco had at least half a dozen tender, slow-cooked chunks of pork drowned in a fiery red chile guajillo. The quality held up until the end: a square of freshly made, sweet flan was pure joy.

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