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Too Much Light Kids!


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Talk about an idea waiting to happen: after 16 years the Neo-Futurists are finally doing a children's version of their hit show. Quick and dirty, the format requires viewers to yell out numbers to determine the order of the 30 plays delivered in 60 minutes; other audience-participation opportunities are equally nonthreatening but thrilling. High points include Ryan Walters as an Evel Knievel type peddling furiously up an incline on a tricycle and the "Emoting Larvae Players" performing Little Women--only adults will fully understand the allusions, but everyone loved it when the irritating Beth deflated. All the bits are funny, but a few add some emotional complications: there was a taut silence during "Don't Play With Your Food!" when Noelle Krimm told Greg Allen to go stand in the corner, then cut up his balloon and put the pieces on a plate. Shades of Mommie Dearest! Through 12/18: Sat 2 PM. Neo-Futurarium, 5153 N. Ashland, 773-275-5255. $5 "plus the roll of a single six-sided die" ($6-$11); $1 "times the roll of a single six-sided die" ($1-$6) for children.

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