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Total Badass

Had Chad Holt been born in Europe 200 years ago, he might have become a great Romantic poet; but as a denizen of contemporary Austin, Texas, he's funneled his libertine intelligence into vulgar zines and hardcore bands with names like Fr├╝ntbutt. Bob Ray shot this video documentary during the final year of Holt's five-year probation (for counterfeiting wristbands to the South by Southwest music festival), and he's far too indulgent to proffer any meaningful interpretation of Holt. Crude footage of Holt doing crude things (consuming massive amounts of weed and cocaine, getting a blow job in a public bathroom, urinating in a movie theater) is interspersed with his soliloquies about how he's living free. Ray demonstrates a certain level of conviction in making the documentary as unapologetically crass as its subject.



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