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When: Mon., April 18, 9 p.m. 2016

The dynamo voice of front woman Angela Mullenhour (formerly of Sybris, Coins)—one chorus bellowing and ready to devour stage monitors, the next verse tender and sinister enough to lure you off the edge of a cliff—is undoubtedly the on-paper draw for local noisy-rock foursome Touched by Ghoul. But the band’s eight-track debut full-length, Murder Circus (out via new Chicago imprint Under Road Records), can be such a twisting journey that Mullenhour’s vocals, while always incredible, often better augment the dark guitar melodies summoned between her and guitarist Andrea Bauer (who is a former Reader photo editor, by the by). While tracks like opener “B.A.C.M.” and its predecessor “Whores” brazenly shoot through rhythms like all get out and request the thread of Mullenhour forceful vocals to weave together the web, the album’s back half, including “Immaculate Consumption”—with its off-kilter, jagged bridge and crescendoing hypnotic outro—and the banger “Nice Corpse” are mostly carried forward by straight-ahead rhythms and a hard punk fervor that should have you tapping your foot along in no time. Tonight is the record-release party for Murder Circus.

Kevin Warwick