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Two new documentaries opening Friday reflect on the fragility of civil society, though they record events that happened nearly a half century apart. Tower, directed by Keith Maitland, combines talking-head interviews, archival footage, and rotoscope animation to re-create the August 1966 sniper massacre in which Charles Whitman, a former marine, killed 14 people and wounded 32 others from the observation deck of the Main Building that towers 307 feet above the University of Texas campus in Austin. The incident stunned and terrified Americans, though the movie might make you nostalgic for an era when there was more of a peace to be preserved. By contrast, Craig Atkinson's Do Not Resist opens in August 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri, as local law enforcement officers brace themselves for rioting over the controversial police shooting of Michael Brown. Yet Atkinson's true focus is the militarization of local police forces by the Department of Homeland Security and the culture of so-called "warrior cops" who take their cues from the battlefield. Continue reading >>


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