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Transmissions Festival, program one

A number of these experimental videos explore the nature and limits of the form, and their mixtures of noise and abstract imagery may force you to start questioning the illusionism of broadcast TV. In the strongest, Bas van Koolwijk's TST. 02 (2000), rapidly flickering horizontal lines at the limit of video resolution push the boundary between precision and static. In Thorsten Fleisch's Silver Screen (2000) crinkled foil creates shifting light patterns with a hint of spatial depth. In Claudia Westermann and Florian Hecker's Echo /~sh0wables (2000) the screen is mostly black, but occasionally narrow slits hint at a pattern, suggesting a barely glimpsed world. Art Jones's Over Above (2000) shows a low-contrast and dreamlike helicopter view of police beating a man, the violence eerily removed. Among the more representational pieces is Twin Decks, in which two young men lift weights in a basement; video makers Jennifer Reeder and Jon Leone emphasize their torsos and slow, repetitive arm movements. On the same program, whose video component runs about 57 minutes: work by Les LeVeque, HalfLifers, and Christina Vantzos and Chris Mackie, and a live performance by Backbreakerneckbrace.


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