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Trial of Joan of Arc

Perhaps the most extreme instance of Robert Bresson's dedramatizing technique, exercised here in a rigorous treatment of its subject that couldn't be further from Dreyer's handling of the same subject. It's been more than a quarter of a century since I've seen this spare, elliptical work (1962), so it would be unfair to make a judgment, but as one of the most infrequently screened works of one of the greatest living filmmakers, I'm sure it warrants a look. In French with subtitles.



  • Robert Bresson


  • Florence Carrez
  • Jean-Claude Fourneau
  • Roger Honorat
  • Marc Jacquier
  • Jean Gillibert
  • Andre Regnier
  • Michel Herubel
  • Philippe Dreux
  • Marcel Darbaud
  • E.R. Pratt
  • Michael Williams
  • Harry Sommers
  • Donald O'Brien
  • Gerard Zingg


  • Robert Bresson


  • Agn├Ęs Delahaie

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