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One Jump Ahead: Challenging Human Supremacy in Checkers, by Jonathan Schaeffer (Springer, $34.95).

Synopsis: The Chinook checkers-playing computer program is developed and guided toward its "final dramatic showdown" with Marion Tinsley, the world checkers champion.

Representative quote: "Game twenty-two was almost a repeat of game twenty. Same result (draw). Same heartache. After five moves, Chinook stopped again. Our mysterious bug had reappeared."

Noteworthy flaw: Lack of companion volume, Three in a Row: Challenging Human Supremacy in Ticktacktoe.

2,001 Things to Do Before You Die, by Dane Sherwood (HarperPerennial, $6.95).

Synopsis: A list of a few thousand wacky, weird, difficult, or just plain stupid directives to help you "get off your sorry butt and do something!"

Representative quote: "Wear two different shoes. Become conversant with Symbolism, Dadaism, Der Blau Reiter, and Renaissance art. Attend a couture show in Paris. Dip into your capital. Wax your eyebrows."

Noteworthy flaw: Should have included 2,002nd thing: avoid smug gift books.

Don't Call That Man! A Woman's Survival Guide to Letting Go, by Rhonda Findling (KMK Associates, $12.95).

Synopsis: Women--often those who had crummy fathers--find themselves groveling at the doorsteps of indifferent former boyfriends. Stop it. Go pet your dog, plant a garden, anything instead of phoning your beloved and begging to get back together.

Representative quote: "Stop the cycle now. Don't look back!!! THERE IS LIFE AFTER YOUR EX! Say this out loud or to yourself a hundred times a day."

Noteworthy flaw: Oh, but what if he's had a change of heart? What if he's waiting by the phone, repentant but too ashamed to call, hoping against hope that you'll call him?

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