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Saving the savior: did christ survive the crucifixion? by Abubakr Ben Ishmael Salahuddin (Jammu Press, $22).

Synopsis: He sure did, traveling Asia, studying Buddhism, and, inevitably, getting married.

Representative Quote: "What is surprising is not the fact that Jesus Christ would have united with a female companion. What is surprising is that a man who had so much to teach and so much to share, would not desire to have, and eventually form a union with, a loving female companion."

Noteworthy Flaw: Inclusion of visual "evidence" like photos of the tomb of Jesus Christ in Kashmir, India, and the Virgin Mary's final resting place in Murree, Pakistan.

Hiss and Tell: True stories from the files of a cat shrink by Pam Johnson-Bennett (Penguin, $12).

Synopsis: The author, a therapist for cats and their owners, whose previous works include Psycho Kitty and Twisted Whiskers, shares recent entries from her casebook.

Representative Quote: "I put down my pen and waited. She stole a quick look at Bonsai and then stared down at her hands again. I saw that same nervousness creep back. 'Jill,' I asked softly, 'did something happen between Ed and Bonsai?'"

Noteworthy Flaw: Author never reveals what she charges to help Fluffy work through her angst.

build your own life brand! a powerful strategy to maximize your potential and enhance your value

for ultimate achievement

by Stedman Graham (Free Press, $25).

Synopsis: Oprah Winfrey's perpetual fiance explains how he got out from under her shadow by thinking of himself as a brand, like Coca-Cola. Some people, he says, use "Life Branding" to become famous pop stars (Madonna) or tycoons (Donald Trump); Graham used it to establish himself as a successful businessman who does not at all owe his livelihood to his proximity to the richest woman on earth.

Representative Quote: "I am the CEO of S. Graham & Associates, an educational company that creates customized corporate-training and leadership-development programs, products, and services....I am the author of four books....I also serve on the national boards of a number of other nonprofit groups, including Junior Achievement and the Children's Scholarship Fund."

Noteworthy Flaw: He could become pope and his brand would still be "Oprah's boyfriend."

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