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True Feminists


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To the editors:

What a great article by Bryan Miller on independent feminists ["Yes Gloria, There Really Are Right-Wing Feminists," October 1]! I am a feminist and a libertarian, and, like Helen Heyden, I have been active in NOW, the League of Women Voters, and the short-lived MOMMA. I had to quit each group in frustration when I couldn't fight the left-wing defeatists. Rather than saying, as women, we are strong and independent, they all seemed to believe we needed the state to protect us and provide for us. Frankly, this sounds like the same line men have been giving us for centuries.

Like the women in Miller's article, I believe a true feminist is one who says, "Don't hold me back; don't help me; just get out of my way."

Maggie Kohls

Des Plaines

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