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When: Fri., April 22, 9 p.m. 2011

Canceled. TV on the Radio bassist Gerard Smith died of lung cancer April 20. It's strange to see TV on the Radio—a rock band that's made an art out of not acting like a rock band—succumb to the typical manifestations of musical middle age. After the breakthrough 2008 album Dear Science, they took a hiatus and went their separate ways. The lead singer spent his downtime making cameos on other musicians' songs. The tech-minded ideas guy did production work for other people. The guy with the quirky hairstyle cut his hair. Multiple side projects sprung up, to mixed reviews. Now the members finally get back together, and the results have some of TVOTR's most avid fans saying "Hmm" when they hoped to go "Oh my God." That's not to say that the brand-new Nine Types of Light (Interscope) doesn't have its high points. "No Future Shock" shows off their twitchiest postmillennial funk, and "Will Do" is simply one of the best songs they've ever written—it makes me want to cry, and not in a bad way. Yet most of the record has the sparkless feel of a band playing by rote. I may be holding them to a ridiculously high standard, but it's their own fault for having previously made such goddamn great records. —Miles Raymer

Price: Sold out; 18+.

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