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Two Dead Guys and a Banjo: A Story of Mourning Closing (Theater and Galleries) The Short List (Theater)

When: Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays. Continues through Aug. 12 2012

Like the other three entries in this year's Alcyone Festival, this comedy by Mexican playwright Mariana Hartasanchez is talky and surreal. What distinguishes it from the others is the matter of degree: it's really, really talky and quite exuberantly surreal. The two dead guys of the title are involved in a feud so intense that that they come back from the grave to get their living children to act as proxies for them. High jinks ensue, involving four lonely, dysfunctional people and a sexed up, disembodied hand. The whole thing is sloppy, way too self-consciously wacky, and (again, like the other Alcyone shows) underrehearsed. But if you have the patience, it offers a very fine performance by Fin Coe as one of the children, and some hard-to-forget images—including that of a couple young women running around naked for no dramatically valid reason. —Tony Adler

Price: $12-$20, festival pass $75


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