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Two-Piece Fest Midwest Peter & Craig, Jitters, Minimum Wage Assassins, Secret Means of Escape, Tinkerbelles Recommended 17+ Soundboard Image

When: Sat., Feb. 13, 6 p.m. 2016

Oh, the advantages of playing in a two-piece band. One, no need for a van. If you Tetris it right, you can probably fit all of your equipment in a Toyota Tercel and set out on a cross-country tour. Two, a greater split of the pot. The $50 you guys just got paid to play that youth-group community center in Moline looks a lot nicer cut in half than in fifths, doesn’t it? Three, there’s only one person to incessantly bicker with and torment. Because you can just pop in a Steely Dan cassette and ignore that asshole for hours. Two-piece bands are very often the red-headed stepchildren of the music community—probably viewed more as zany and playful rather than serious, ahem, “projects”—but for the past three years in Chicago, indie-rock- and punk-based duos have been getting a sliver of the spotlight, at least for a single weekend in February (this doesn’t count the “Power of Two” two-piece festival held at the defunct DIY space People Projects in 2007 and 2008). Two-Piece Fest Midwest is the spawn of Philly’s original Two-Piece Fest, begun by Peter Helmis and Craig Woods (of the band Peter & Craig) in 2008. That one is a much larger party than the Chicago version, which spent its first two years at ChiTown Futbol in Pilsen before slimming down quite a bit and splitting off this year into two manageable shows at Subterranean (it was initially designed as more of an all-day blowout fest). Chicago bands make up the bulk of the two bills and feature reverb-loaded, guy-and-gal garage-rock group the Funs, cozy and clean indie-pop duo Jack & Ace (featuring Braid’s Bob Nanna), and the bouncy yet noisy power-punk tandem Tinkerbelles. Out-of-towners include the sloppy and wistful hardcore dudes in Indiana’s Coma Regalia, math-rock extremists in Florida’s Jitters, and angular-punk-anthem composers Peter & Craig (Helmis comes from Philly, and Woods lives here now and has organized the Chicago version with the help of Dave Collis of Slow Mass). Check out for all of the two-piece details.

Kevin Warwick

Price: $8, $13 two-day pass

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