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United State of Electronica


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Seattle's United State of Electronica could very well be America's greatest party band. The all-ages hometown show I caught by the seven-piece this past spring was sheer audience-galvanizing positive energy, complete with girlfriends screaming from atop their boyfriends' shoulders, discarded garments, and sweat flying everywhere. Their self-titled album (originally a free download, now commercially available on Sonic Boom) gave the Go! Team's much-hyped debut a run for its money as last year's most enthralling techno rock pastiche--full of vocoders, buoyant guitar hooks, wide-lapel hi-hat beats, and anthemic inducements to g'down, but no laptops or sequencers, despite the cheeky name. On "Climb the Walls (Umbrella of Love)" when they sing, "Who doesn't want to have fun now? / Who doesn't want to feel good? / Who doesn't want to be happy under the umbrella of love?" it's almost embarrassing, sure, but the combination of swoon-inducing keyboards, sexy guitar tremolo, and chirpy vocals creates an irresistible warmth only a total nincompoop could fault. The Divorce, THA 446, and Pleaseeasaur open. Thu 10/13, 8 PM, Schubas, 3159 N. Southport, 773-525-2508, $8.

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