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Unnecessary Roughness


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To the editor:

When my army buddies would make remarks about women who kept big dogs, they were telling dirty jokes--but David Sutton doesn't seem the type, and so I was puzzled by his statement regarding "the small woman who comes in with a huge, dominant male dog. 'There are issues there I'm not going to ask her about,' he says" [Our Town, January 25].

While a nonassertive owner of any gender might have difficulty controlling a large animal, I see no reason why male or female dog owners not matching their canine companions, like a fashion accessory, to their own height and weight should elicit any special comment. Is Mr. Sutton likewise intrigued by very large men and women who nevertheless prefer affectionate little dogs? Or could his discomfort be a reflection of his issues?

Mary Shen Barnidge

W. Dakin

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