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Up With Lower Links


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To the editors:

I would like to applaud the editor of the Reader's calendar page for allowing both sidebar articles in your 2/8/91 issue to feature events that were held at Club Lower Links. In the three years that Club Lower Links has been open, it has produced a staggering array of alternative and innovative arts that include performance art, experimental music, poetry and fiction readings, film and video screenings, theater, folk music, world music, and new jazz (I'm probably leaving something out) featuring everyone from local upstarts to relatively well-known out-of-town artists of all size, shape, sexual orientation, gender, and race--and when the stage is dark, there is always someone spinning the most diverse music (a lot of Arabic music lately) that just can't be found consistently in other clubs or on the radio. The only consistent aspect of this club, aside from the dark, intimate setting, is that ALL of the events are of a forward-thinking (avant-garde, experimental, noncommercial, really wild, whatever you want to call it) nature. There should be at least a half a dozen places like this in Chicago, but since Club Lower Links is currently the only one, I would request that you reserve at least one sidebar article each week on your calendar page for the activities of Club Lower Links. Such unparalleled diversity and innovation should not go unheralded. This place makes me remember why I live in a major metropolis.

Andrea Jovan



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