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Erik Nelson Rodriguez, comic-journalist, graphic designer, and illustrator, is bopping to: Music websites are a dime a dozen, and I am easily lost in the overgeneralized critiques of albums and promotional banter of big moneymakers in the musical world. When it comes to getting information on upcoming bands, local artists, and shows I find solace in It's the latest in music reviewing on the Web, bringing a fresh face to the scene, and a generous one at that. They are based out of Chicago and usually have promotional shows (sometimes more private loft shows) for local artists, giving Chicago the kick it needs in its music industry. They are constantly updating their site with reviews and free mp3 downloads; these updates include a new mix tape every month with handpicked tracks from the staff. There is also a strong focus on journalism which I appreciate. The site includes features with various topics including the preservation of national record shops which are in decline. If you want to get your hands on some free mp3s and introduce yourself to some new sounds, check them out.

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