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Vee Dee, Mannequin Men, Outer Minds Soundboard

When: Sat., June 11, 9 p.m. 2011

After this self-titled third album from long-running locals Vee Dee, released by fledgling Chicago label BLVD, it's going to be hard to keep calling them garage rockers. The band is reclaiming some heavy grunge glory (think Mudhoney and swampy 70s antecedents like Blue Cheer), and their psychedelic tendencies have become all the more pronounced, chronic even—the lumbering blues of "Gypsy Iron" gets lost in riff after riff of wah-wah guitar. Front man and guitarist Nick D'Vyne is unrepentant in his soloing, but double rainbows of scuzz are often more of an asset than an annoyance. The trio also keeps with a midwestern tradition (a Chicago one in particular), topping everything with casual, sneering aggression that balances out the stoner jams and tambourine jangling—this isn't some enchanted neon psychedelia, it's the burning hate rock of bad trips and ultimate bummers. —Jessica Hopper

Price: $5