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Very Bad Things

This ferocious story about a bachelor party that snowballs into homicide reserves much of its venom for the bride, who's been planning her wedding since birth. It's daring only within carefully defined parameters, but it hits some of its targets—decorum and political correctness—by immersing itself in the deep-seated anger conventions can obscure. As the characters behave with symbolic excess in situations designed to provoke their bigotry and self-interest, superficial black comedy periodically gives way to painful drama. Of the six main characters, two function as straight men, two as cartoon sociopaths; the contrast makes the behavior of the remaining two seem all the more realistic, incisive, and terrifying. Peter Berg wrote and directed; with Jon Favreau, Leland Orser, Christian Slater, Cameron Diaz, Jeremy Piven, Daniel Stern, and Jeanne Tripplehorn (1998).

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