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When: Tue., Dec. 15, 9 p.m. 2015

It’s been five years since Odd Future thrust themselves into the mainstream, and though the LA hip-hop collective now appears to be deteriorating, its members' earliest moves still reverberate. Earl Sweatshirt’s 2010 debut mixtape, Earl, not only introduced the world to one of the best of the Odd Future bunch, but it also introduced us to unaffiliated MC Vince Staples. Like Sweatshirt, the 22-year-old Staples has since transcended those beginnings to become one of the most sure-handed young artists in hip-hop. On his auspicious debut, June’s Summertime ’06 (ARTium/Def Jam), a double album, Staples meanders through the back alleys and bedrooms of Long Beach as he dodges bullets, escapes scrapes with cops, and pieces together a sense of adulthood while holding on to scraps of childhood. Through it all the amiable Staples swerves from one sonic palette to the next, cohesively stringing together tracks built from worshipful organs or bombastic turn-up bass. Staples’s trenchant vision lends his words a palpable heft, and on the slow-moving “Summertime” it’s easy to picture the July heat pounding the cracked asphalt of LA streets. Staples half-sings “This could be forever, baby,” which I’ve often felt on summer days that linger in my memory—and like those days, Summertime ’06 wraps up sooner than I’d wish.

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